Some of our favourite places include:

From the Wier In Godregraig to the confluence of the Tawe & Twrch in the Varteg, there is a public footpath along most of this stretch and either side is accessable.

(This has some of the best fishing on the Tawe see our photo page) 

From the Aqueduct in Ystalyfera to the source of the Twrch using the path that runs past the 'Green Bridge' behind the new Cwm Wanderers Clubhouse and Gurnos Industrial Units.

The Diamond Pool behind Glanrhyd Hospital accessible via the footpath that runs behind Glanrhyd Hospital.

From bottom of the Starving (Farteg Hill Glanrhyd) to Godregraig wier on the mountain side only.

From new foot bridge behind Graig Newedd downstream to Tirenny bridge on either bank.

From Tirenny bridge down to the 'Wall Pool' in Ynysmedwy on the mountain side only, my favorite beat.