To anyone fishing the stretches of water stated in this web site.

If you are approached by a person and they show you a River Watchers Card like the one pictured here, you may be asked to provide the following;

· Your name and address.

· To produce your Fishing Permit.

· To cease all fishing activities.

· To surrender any equipment.

· To allow an inspection of your private property.

You are under NO OBLIGATION whatsoever to agree with any of these requests, after all, if someone approached you on the street and asked you the same questions, what would you say to them?

The above card has not been recognised by the Environment Agency.

The bearers of these cards are NOT licensed Bailiffs, neither have they been granted any authority by Environment Agency.

It is simply the case that the Tawe And Tributaries Angling Association Ltd produced these cards to make themselves feel important.

In England and Wales, Water Bailiffs are appointed by the Environment Agency through a Civil Court procedure, furthermore they derive their powers from the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act 1975 .

The Environment Agency do not allow outside agencies to perform Bailiff Duties.

Note: the card does not bear The Environment Agency Logo, Hologram or Photograph of the bearer.

The use of the Environment Agency Logo or Hologram would be illegal as it is strictly controlled.

Any member of the Tawe And Tributaries Angling Association Ltd that claims to be a Water Bailiff and attempts to perform Water Bailiff Duties are breaking the law and could be summary to prosecution, all you have to do is report them.