For many months, Solicitors acting on behalf of have asked the Tawe And Tributaries Angling Association Ltd for proof that they own the Fishing Rights for our local rivers. solicitors have now concluded their investigation.

The Tawe And tributaries Angling Association Ltd have to date, failed to provide with any evidence of ownership regarding fishing rights on the Tawe & Twrch rivers, yet they still insist you pay them to fish on 'their' rivers.

We have also confirmed that the fishing rights from the weir at Godrergraig looking up river to the white bridge in Glanrhyd are not owned by any private individual or fishing club, the same can be said for the majority of the river sections currently fished in our area.

It is for this reason we can fish any part of the river Tawe and Twrch, whenever we want, for free! (providing I have an Environmental Agency permit of course!)

Ok Ok, not ENTIRELY free but you get our point.

It certainly raised a question, who owns the rivers we pay to fish?

So, have we all been miss sold a fishing permit? We leave that for you to answer, you could always raise the issue with your local fishing club.

We remind you, Tawe And tributaries Angling Association Ltd CANNOT PROVE or are UNWILLING TO PROVE that they own the Fishing Rights for the water we pay to fish on.

Therefore the only licence required to fish our local rivers is an Environment Agency licence, this can be purchased from any Post Office or on-line from the Environment Agency website.

A non-migratory licence for Trout fishing, or a migratory licence for Salmon & Sewin.

For children under 12 years of age no licence is required.