We love fishing! 

Had enough of fees clubs and rules?

In this tough economic climate, with rising yearly membership costs and interfering club rules and restrictions, we thought it be good if we could fish our local rivers for free.

Not to mention that the cost of Membership to a local Angling Club far outweighs the availability and quality of the fish stocked into our rivers.

So, we set ourselves a task, find out once and for all who owns the Fishing Rights on our local rivers.

After months of research, letters and phone calls, Solicitors in Swansea Oswestry and beyond, advice from The Environment Agency, Land registry, The Welsh Assembly and other sources we have decided to make this website a reality and share what we have learned.

For years we were told and believed that our local fishing club owns the Fishing Rights for the majority, of the river Tawe and river Twrch, however this is not the case.

There are many areas on both rivers that are not owned by fishing clubs or private individuals, it's these areas you can fish for free.

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